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Easily, affordably install SafeLever on your latch doors.

[Patent Pending]

Let your customers and employees use their forearm to pull open latch doors.

Users push down with their forearm in the cup and pull to open the door.

Two screws clamp the device in place on the lever

SafeLever July 4 2020.779.png

No sharp edges, particularly important for those with limited sensation in hands

Occupies only 0.5" of handle space

Rubber inserts create maximum hold against the door handle

Extensive ribbing around the product makes SafeLever extremely durable


Drive loyalty and productivity by giving customers and employees hands-free peace of mind.


Unlike other designs, users' hands and arm never touch the handle, minimizing germ exposure.


Install once and save on ongoing paper towel costs.  ~98% savings over electric door installation.


Designed to ensure users can easily grasp the lever, operate with a fist, and safely exit in an emergency.


Securely install in five minutes or less.  No changing hardware or drilling into the door.


Deliberately created to allow safe emergency egress with full use of the door handle.

SafeLever July 4 2020.778.png


Our first concept's roots can be found in the bathrooms at countless hospitals and offices around the country, where our founder was constantly frustrated that he had to open doors with his hands.

He got pretty good at kicking and awkwardly contorting his elbow to pull open latch doors but got to thinking about how this could be solved with a straightforward design.

It is time to eliminate that pain point safely, reliably, and affordably across restaurants, offices, schools, government buildings, and anywhere there are lever doors.

We are led by Alex Bezdek and Gena Bezdek (a husband and wife team), each with MBAs from the University of Chicago and with deep executive experience in facilities management and healthcare.

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