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  • How do I use SafeLever?
    Insert your forearm in the cup, push down, and pull back to open the door. Though either arm can be used, it is simplest to use the arm farthest from the door's hinges. With your order, you also receive a sticker that can be placed on the door for users to instantly understand how to most simply operate the device. SafeLever is designed and intended for operation on the pull side of the door only.
  • How simple is installation of the SafeLever?
    Very simple. Users can install SafeLever in under five minutes. All materials required for installation are included in your packaging. This product requires no drilling into doors or modifying existing hardware.
  • Is the SafeLever safe for users with disabilities?
    SafeLever has been developed with the ADA's door hardware guidelines specifically in mind. We encourage the installation of SafeLever as close to the latch as possible to maximize the exposed lever. Users can still use their hand to grasp the lever, including those with limited hand strength and those who must operate the door with a closed fist. Users can also press down on SafeLever with their hand, if needed, or use force on either side of the device to push the lever up or down. We take access and safety extremely seriously.
  • How does SafeLever accommodate fire / emergency protocols?
    In the event someone wants to grasp the lever in an emergency, they can do so easily and safely. SafeLever allows for the complete upward or downward movement of the lever.
  • Does SafeLever fit on all lever door handles?
    SafeLever fits tightly on most commercial lever handles, though our first design is not recommended for cylindrical or narrow door handles. We have created the below visual as a fit guide. If you have a handle that does not currently fit well with SafeLever, please email us at to let us know, so we can prioritize our next product release to suit your needs. If you are interested in a large order for a handle shape that is not recommended, we can also explore custom solutions.
  • Do you offer bulk purchase discounts?
    We do offer discounts for large orders. Please contact us for more information.
  • When will SafeLever be releasing a push side product?
    We have received the most immediate demand for the pull side design and want to ensure that the push side opener offers the same level of function, access, or safety. Please email us at if you are interested in the push side option.

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