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Leverage both Hand Sanitizer and SafeLever to Fortify Your Hand Hygiene Strategy

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

SafeLever and hand sanitizer are natural partners in the fight to minimize surface transmission together. It is not a choice of one or the other but letting these two solutions work together to minimize costs and maximize the strength of your hand sanitation strategy.

Point 1: People Forget to Apply Hand Sanitizer; Deploy a Hands-free Back-up

Picture this: you just finalized a huge deal with your biggest target. You wrap up the call, and bolt out of a conference room in joy to tell your legal team to look out for the signed contract. You leave the conference room (door handle #1), pass through an internal stairwell (door handle #2), go in and out of your general counsel’s office (door handle #3), and head back into your office (door handle #4).

In the midst of all the excitement, you forget to stop and apply hand sanitizer. Install SafeLever on those doors and know that you have an extra layer of security.

Point 2: Hand Sanitizer Runs Out

How many times have we approached a hand sanitizer dispenser only to press it and get nothing? This is natural and is going to happen all the time. We cannot perfectly predict when disposable supplies will need to be replaced, and we certainly cannot predict when we may have to replace a broken dispenser. But for as long as the dispenser is down, customers and employees face increased risk. By installing SafeLever, you can mitigate the risk factor in those unavoidable gap periods.

Point 3: Save on Refill Costs as Users Opt to Go Hands-free

By installing SafeLever, your customers and employees will require less frequent trips to the hand sanitizer dispenser. With each 1000ml refill costing ~$40, these costs add up, particularly in high traffic environments.

Conclusion: Take an All of the Above Approach with Hand Sanitizer and Safe Lever

We think of hand hygiene as an engineered solution, not a single point remedy. Just as you build a structure with multiple methods of reinforcement, we believe that the best hand hygiene strategy will have reasonable redundancies designed into it while balancing cost. Purchase SafeLever today as a simple, cost effective complement to your existing hand hygiene solution.

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